I Still Struggle

Some people (most people in my life) think that once you start to remember and talk about abuse from your past it magically makes it better. That medication will make the Depression and anxiety disappear. Well, I still struggle!
I find that sometimes the past haunts me in my dreams and sometimes it pops into my waking life too. I do not really have "flashbacks"; but, there are times when for no apparent reason I just start remembering things. I try not to let them effect me but they do. I cry, I shake, I become very afraid and sometimes I get angry. I try not to let it rule my life and God knows I have prayed to forget and get over it; but, still I struggle!

Abuse from the past has affected the way I interact with others for most of my life and will probably affect it forever. However, the struggle is sometimes the only reason to get up in the morning. If I could survive everything I have,there is no way I am going to let this beat me!

Just keep fighting and keep going!

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